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Drowning in household chaos? 🌪️ My homemaking classes, created specifically for homemakers like you, will help you go from chaos to calm step by step. Learn the secrets of getting rid of clutter and developing self-discipline as a homemaker inside the Homemaker's Society and breathe new life into your home. Let me help you get started today - get instant access! 🌸🏠

In addition to my Signature Homemaking Classes (The Disciplined Homemaker and A Time to Clean), as a member, you'll get unlimited access to an amazing amount of content! As a Homemaker's Society club member, you’ll have hundreds of resources at your fingertips.

  • INSTANT Access to ALL of A Virtuous Woman's homemaking classes – on your schedule!
  • INSTANT Access to ALL of A Virtuous Woman's ebooks - at any time!
  • INSTANT Access to ALL of A Virtuous Woman’s Printables – any time you need them!
  • INSTANT Access to our member-exclusive homemaking, faith-building, and family-enriching products – whenever you need them!
  • And last but not least, get INSTANT access to my exclusive new eBooks, classes, printables, and other content I'll be adding regularly.

I've collected all of my products, resources, and printables into this easy-to-use, exclusive Homemaker's Library Membership site. Inside, you'll find well over $500 in products all for one low price. Not only that, but I'll be adding new content regularly.

If you've been a part of A Virtuous Woman's community for any length of time, you know how helpful all of the free printables are inside the free resource library. When you become a member of The Homemaker's Library, you won't have to enter your email to download every new printable - just hop over to the members only area and download the printable straight away!! Easy peasy!!

Reader Testimony:

💖Thank you, I've subscribed to the Homemaker's Circle, found this month's printables, and am already printing stuff out! I found the goal-setting workbook you made (thank you) and I just love it! Love the January notebook too! I highly recommend joining to anybody that hasn't yet!! - J. Karri 💖

The Homemaker's Society Club Members get EVERYTHING --- instant access to everything I offer in my shop and more. Every new eBook. Every new course. Every new printable product. Your small monthly membership fee will cover EVERYTHING!!!

PLUS you'll receive emails each week that keep you informed of what's new so you don't miss a thing. :)

The Ministry of Homemaking Facebook Group

Be a part of my private Facebook group that offers even more encouraging resources for homemakers. We'll be discussing topics like: homemaking, cleaning, organizing, decluttering, faith, family, and more.

Homemaking Classes + More - You Get It ALL!!

  • The Disciplined Homemaker Course ($37 value)
  • A Time to Clean Course ($27 value)
  • Spring Cleaning for the Heart and Home ($17 value)
  • Cultivating a Heart of Self Discipline: Mini Course ($7 value)
  • One Week to an Organized Home eCourse ($12 value)

Hundreds of Digital Resources!

I'm so excited to be able to offer you this annual membership resource.

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to a growing library of homemaking printables
  • EASY ACCESS - no more logging into multiple pages to get downloads
  • NEW PRINTABLES added every month
  • INSTANT ACCESS TO ALL my products, courses, ebooks, printables, and more
  • DESIGNED for the busy Christian woman
  • WAHM Blogging + Homemaking Planner


  • The Martha Planner - ($27 value)

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    • Annual Membership ($52.00 a year - Just $1.00 a week!!)
    • Lifetime Membership ($77.00)

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Download the December 2020 Homemaker's Planning Bundle for free for a limited time! 

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