Free: Christmas ADVENTures in Prophecy

This year why not enjoy the advent season with Scripture readings on the birth, the life, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

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Christmas ADVENTures

This 25 day Advent Calendar has been very popular over the years. I’m so happy to share these 25 Advent Scripture Cards with you again this year. Each card features a prophecy and it’s fulfillment from the Bible. Thousands of families have enjoyed these Prophecy Advent Cards over the years, I hope you enjoy them!

Christmas Hymns | Sheet Music to Download

I've chosen a selection of old fashioned Christmas hymns to share with you. These are perfect for singing during your family worship time before you use the Advent Scripture Cards. 

Each hymn has a YouTube video, a link to download the .mp3, and a link to download the sheet music if you wish. 

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