Homemaker's Binder | May 2021

Each month as a member of the Homemaker's Library you'll receive a new monthly binder as part of your subscription. This homemaking binder is exclusive and dated for the month.

Access to the next month's printable binder will be given on the 15th of each month. 

Each 48 page binder will include:

  • front and back cover
  • one page monthly calendar
  • two page monthly calendar
  • monthly tending list
  • journal page
  • 2 Bible study pages (print as many as you need)
  • 3 sermon notes pages (print as many as you need
  • "Today's Agenda" page (print as many as you need)
  • prep for the week instruction page
  • dated weekly prep checklist for each week of the month
  • dated weekly housekeeping checklist for each week
  • dated "The Plan for This Week" for each week
  • dated "The Meny for This Week" for each week
  • dated "Self Care Checklist" for each week
  • monthly habit tracker
  • 4 natural cleaning recipes
  • 4 cleaning recipe labels (two versions) 
  • 4 "Notes" pages
  • Bible verse art print 


Unit Activity

Print pages and place them in your homemaking binder. This could be a 3 ring binder or an ARC planner. You could even use them on a clip board or any number of ways. Menu pages can be put on your fridge or in your binder.  Be creative and have fun with these seasonal prints!

1 Unit

Sneak Peek: Homemaker's Binder

Download the December 2020 Homemaker's Planning Bundle for free for a limited time! 

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